Before You Install...

What You Should Know Before Your New Air Comfort System Installation

So. The time has arrived for a new HVAC system to be installed in your home. There are several things that homeowners should take into consideration when making the decisions that accompany a new comfort system. The purchase of a new HVAC system is a major choice that we make only once or twice in our lifetime. Ensuring that your new system will be designed and installed using quality standards by qualified professionals is crucial to your family's comfort for many years to come.


Sizing your home's new HVAC system should involve more than simply basing it on your old system's capacity. If your old system was sized incorrectly from the start, this can lead to problems with your new system's efficiency, especially if your home's heating and cooling needs have changed in the years since the old system was installed. Have you added more rooms to your home? Have you installed upgraded windows? Have you added more insulation, up-dated your garage door or other exterior doors for more energy-efficient ones? All of these changes play a big role in proper sizing of your HVAC system. Improper sizing can lead to an uncomfortable home and can add unnecessary expense to the installation cost, as well as leading to moisture problems in the home down the line.

A quality contractor will use the time and skill necessary to properly measure and evaluate your home, and complete a professional load calculation when designing a new system for you. Many building codes around the country require the official standard of the Manual J residential load calculation procedure. Ask your contractor if they use this procedure.


There are many capacities, configurations, and efficiencies of HVAC equipment available on the market. An accurate load calculation will help your contractor make the correct selection of equipment that will be most compatible with your home's heating and cooling needs.


One often overlooked component of your HVAC system is your home's duct work. A properly sized and installed duct system may last forever. But over time, the factors of heat and humidity can eventually degrade your ducts' insulation. Over time ducts may also collect contaminates which require cleaning. If your duct system is in need of repair or replacement, it will be difficult to receive the full benefit of your new HVAC installation. Have your contractor evaluate your duct system, and make sure all is in good order.

Also important when evaluating your home for a new system is to check your return air grille and supply air registers. These devices play a crucial role in the comfort of your home. Your contractor should verify that these are sized and operating properly to contribute to the efficiency of your new installation.


Choosing the right contractor to design and install your new comfort system is important. HVAC systems are a large expenditure for homeowners, and your home comfort is dependent upon the quality of installation, as well as equipment. Make sure your contractor is professional and performs at industry standards, and will provide quality work for your home.

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